Saturday, 9 December 2006

Safe and Sound

dreams of greatness
my heart cannot accept less
visions of immortality
determined to be remembered past my death
all these needs cause so much stress
barely any time to catch my breath,
must believe
I can achieve
my destiny to see
above the clouds and past the sea
for that is the only way I will feel the caress
of success across my chest
go to my grave known as the best
leave a trail of bodies known as the rest
and only then can I slow down
and find a smile within this frown
put my feet up and my ass down
close my eyes to rest
safe and sound

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Unseen Victim

she lays wondering…
hidden behind the cardboard,
is it a dream, who are these men?
mother to the left, raped
and beaten,
to her right, father with a bullet
blood flowing from his head,
seems that brother got it best
laid down two years ago with no medicine
to put in his chest

she lays petrified…
still can’t move,
eyes of evil, are you the devil?
mother’s blood dripping down her own leg
yet oddly the radio plays her favourite tune,
mother cries and father dies
the evil men with their evil eyes
guided by someone’s lies

she lays bewildered…
too young to comprehend,
civil war rages brother versus brother,
isn’t life enough of a struggle?
mother, with her last breath
signals for her to be silent

she lays praying…
wondering why He’s not watching,
she must choose either to lay quiet
or join her family in inevitable death,
inhaling the stench of sweat
of evil and of blood,
she decides…

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

A Moment

the sun caresses the ocean
as a new day begins to bloom,
waves lightly crash on the rocks below
nature begins to sing its tune

the air so fresh and the sounds so clear
bring a moment of such undefined peace
a smile begins to gather across your face
all your worries appear to cease

as with every such moment in life
it slowly begins to drift away
let your moments leave with the same calm that they came
for they will be back another day

Monday, 4 December 2006


two souls
the words within a rhyme
a perfect match
two hearts intertwined

two lovers
holding on with all their might
a future always bright

two minds
thoughts uniting as if one
two minds
thoughts colliding as if one

one future
a perfect sunset on the sea
one ending
forever you and me

Who will it be?

so much senseless brutality
testing the edges of human sanity
when will the roads and bridges be built
that guide us to our visions of clarity
people in power that lack the truth dictate their voices
as people without strength and unity are dictated their choices

a desire for freedom and stability
a dream of unity based on civility
held down by the corrupt leaders and their vanity
people in power will soon have to see
the never-ending desire of the weak to be free

who will help them find their way
will it be you?
will it be me?

Time Keeps Dwindling

Living in a world, caught between pleasure and pain,
The arrogance of my heart, the insecurities in my brain,
A never-ending cycle, of true belief and true doubt
Almost sure I’ve reached my limit, need to find my way out

Like an inevitable cliché, I reach for comfort in the bottle,
As if an answer sits waiting for me in its hollow,
I’ve spent so many nights drowning through the years
No longer sure what I’m searching for, no longer sure if I care

Is it time to give up, to give in and move on?
Accept my place in this world and admit I’m not strong,
Or do I keep searching, and pushing for the light
For my piece of freedom to finally sleep through the night

I wish I knew the answer,
I fear I never will.
I hope I'll always care,
I fear I no longer do